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The Pocar Homestead

Stretching deep into the heart of the Julian Alps, the Radovna Valley is subjected to the harsh Alpine climate. Winters here are long and cold indeed, and even during the short summer months the raging Alpine storms frequently chill the valley. The inhabitants of Radovna had to adjust to this rough climate and to the valley’s scarce natural resources in the past, and have to adjust to them still.

According to the folk tradition, initially the valley was used by the Gorje-area farmers merely as the pasture land for their flocks during the summer months. It was not until later that six permanently settled farms were established, one of them being the Pocar Homestead. The name “at the Potzer” was first recorded in a document dating from 1672; the inscription 1775, carved into a beam of the main house, refers to the year when this house was built. Throughout the centuries, the Pocar Homestead has seen many generations come and go, but it is currently uninhabited. Now under protection as a building of historic interest and turned into a museum, the homestead presents a record of the life, toils, and architectural heritage of the past centuries.


Pocarjeva domačija
Zgornja Radovna 25
4281 Mojstrana

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