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The World War I Monument

The World War I monument in Gorje is one of the first landmarks encountered by anyone visiting Gorje. It was created by the stonemason Cengle in 1923. Villagers of Gorje had it raised in order to commemorate all the victims of the Great War, among whom there was also a large number of Gorje residents. The monument bears the names of 115 fallen soldiers, encompassing boys and men from the neighbouring parishes of Blejska Dobrava and Zasip, who lost their lives on various fronts of World War I.

Opposite the parish church of St George you can observe the Benko Family Heart of Jesus Shrine. The story goes that Mr Benko vowed to build it when after several years of marriage there still were no children at the house. After the shrine was built, at least eight children were said to be born in the Benko family.