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St George’s Church

The greatest pride of the Gorje locals is the big bell of St George΄s Church in Zgornje Gorje, dating from 1848. Its distinctive ringing can be heard resounding far and wide. The first record of the parish church of St George is dated with 1140. Through the history, the building was reconstructed and extended several times; he church as we know it today was built in 1687. It was renovated in 1894 in the Roman Renaissance style. In the following year, the painter Matija Koželj of Kamnik brightened up the interior with frescoes. On the ceiling over the presbytery he depicted God the Father with surrounded by angels; underneath to the left and to the right he painted sacrificial scenes from the Old Testament and Eucharistic symbols of the New Testament respectively. In addition to the large statues of St Peter and St Paul, the grand altar is flanked by a large statue of St Francis Xavier on the right side, and St John of God on the left.

The ceiling over the nave, nearly over the presbytery, features a depiction of the Lord΄s Annunciation to Mary, which is complemented by the depiction of Mary’s Assumption and coronation in the middle of the ceiling. On semicircular medallions over the wall border we find depicted the Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary: the depictions of the second and the fifth mystery can be found in the front over the side altars, the others on the choir loft. All of these paintings are a reminder that the church was consecrated on the Rosary Sunday, which is still celebrated every first Sunday in October.

The larger external renovations of St George’s Church took place in 1867 and then in 1973 for the 800th-anniversary celebrations. This was followed by the interior renovation starting in January 1988. The old, worn-out stone floor was replaced with a new one, and new benches made of oak were installed in the place of the narrow old ones. The Presbytery was also rearranged. An old communion table was converted into the new altar facing the congregation. At a later date, the church was repainted and the frescoes were cleaned. Finally, in 2005 the organ was renovated.