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The Pokljuka Plateau

To get to know the Pokljuka plateau, the nearest access is from the direction of Krnica via Zatrnik. One of the several distinctive features that one can observe at Pokljuka are the remains of very high peat bogs: you can visit the Great Bled Marshes, or the Šijec Marshes on the opposite side, or you can take a walk along the educational trail at the Goreljek Marshes. Those who enjoy the pastoral ambience can also visit one of the several Pokljuka mountain pastures. At the Kranjska Valley and at the Zajavornik mountain pasture you can get acquainted with the traditional architecture as well as with cheese making at the local creameries. It is even possible to purchase the cheese! The slightly more distant Klek mountain pasture offers an outstanding ambience as well as an exceptional historical heritage. You will learn about the mining and how it represented the foundation of the ironworks; and in addition how one with the other actually formed the basis for the early settlement of the mountain landscape.

Those who find the above-mentioned pastures too far afield will find it easier to reach the Grajska planina, Rečiška planina or Belska planina mountain pastures, which are only a stone’s throw away from Mrzli studenec. And all the mountain lovers should certainly aim to visit the Lipanca mountain pasture and its Bled Hut. The hut is open all year round and is the starting point for climbing the south-eastern-most peak above 2000 metres high, Debela peč. It is also the point from which one can ascend all the other nearby peaks, Mrežce, Lipanski vrh, Okroglež, Debeli vrh, and the slightly more distant Veliki Draški vrh and Mali Draški vrh.