The Poglej Church

The Poglej Church is in fact an overhanging cave with a small cavern at the outskirts of the Poljšica village near Zgornje Gorje. This natural cave was hollowed out  by the Triglav glacier during its retreat.

The site is home to an archaeological discovery of human tools dating to the Early Stone Age, proving existence of early hominids in the Julian Alps even before the era of land cultivation. The finds are dating back to the Upper Paleolithic (12,000 to 10,000 BC). This is currently the oldest discovery of man living in this part of Slovenia. All the found items are stored at the Regional Museum which is located at the Bled Castle. The excavations here have also unearthed a bronze coin and a bronze ring of a later date, from the period of the Slavic settlement in these lands.

The Poglej Church is the starting point of the Rikli Trail.