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The Castle Mill/Mihov Mill and the Shrine of St Florian and St John of Nepomuk

In the idyllic village of Grabče, you will be greeted by the beautifully restored Castle Mill/Mihov Mill in front of the bridge.  It is not only the building that has been restored, but also the sieve and the water wheel that once drove the millstones.

When crossing the bridge, on the right side, in the area of ​​the lower dam, you will be struck by a very special mark: the Shrine of St Florian and St John of Nepomuk. This shrine is a true peculiarity, a very rare piece of cultural heritage the kind of which is not often seen. The supporting pillar of the shrine is fixed directly in the river-bed, with no other support, and as such defies the passing of time and the high waters of the Radovna river during the periods of extreme rainfall. Because of the power of the river water, the village used to boast several more functioning water-powered machines and workshops: two mills, a sawmill, a leather workshop, and at least two forges.