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The Mežakla Plateau

The Mežakla plateau is a bit further afield and more remote. It is less crowded and will be of interest particularly to hikers eager to explore. Worth the visit is the rousing Obranca mountain on the South-Eastern edge of the plateau, just above the rocky solitary mountain Poljanska Baba. The latter, too, impresses just with the legend of its origin. Those who continue their journey from Obranca towards Planski vrh will be rewarded with getting to know the Snow Cave (Snežna jama). From there, the best hikers can continue to the highest peaks of Mežakla, to Petelin and Jerebikovec, which offer outstanding views of the Julian Alps and the valleys below. From the northern edge of Mežakla one can observe the town of Jesenice and further also the Upper Sava Valley. On the way you are able to visit a preserved World War II Partisan hospital. A warning, however: the outlined route is suitable and intended for hikers only. This part of the Mežakla Plateau is situated in the central area of the Triglav National Park, in the preserved area where nature protection regime dictates a strictly limited use of motor vehicles, allowing for legally-stated exceptions only.

A particularly suitable footpath to Mežakla from the valley towards Obranca leads from Spodnje Gorje, more precisely from Poljane. There, at the end of the settlement, near the last few houses, a path branches off towards Mežakla. It leads you past a very special monument of both cultural and technical interest. In the conglomerate rock, along the path behind the steep cut just after the last few houses, at the point where a small terrace develops above the path, you will spot two incomplete millstones which the master stonemason never finished carving out of the rock. They thus stand by the wayside and silently testify about the times past.