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The Mavrn Wood House and the Guzelj Homestead

In the village of Krnica, not far from the dam on the Radovna river, you will be able to see at least one more house which is a monument to the traditional architecture: the Mavrn Wood House, which has been delicately renovated and extended. The path past the house is part of the Juliana Trail. It leads you to the Guzelj Homestead, the distinguishing feature of which is the Guzelj Shrine, a unique monument of the Slovenian sacral heritage. The main motif of the beautifully renovated shrine with wooden roofing is the statue of the Virgin Mary, under whose mantle there is a gathering of saints, proverbially personifying a crowd.  Even nowadays, when there is a large gathering in Gorje one says that as many have assembled as on the Guzelj Shrine. The statue is said to have been brought to the homestead by one of the Guzelj ancestors from the pilgrimage to St. Višarje (Monte Santo di Lussari) during the time of the Josephine reforms, which abolished aid to religious institutions and forced churches to sell their relics to survive.