A round-trip hike: one way through the gorge with various return options

We invite you to experience the Vintgar gorge – the enchanting image of which you find enticing online – in a slightly different way. Discover the secrets and images of its immediate environs.

For this purpose, we have prepared a round-trip hike, which will present the gorge to you as you have never experienced it before. You will be captivated by the pristine nature, and by the untamed Alpine beauty of the Radovna river, carving the depths of the gorge for thousands of years. The stunning views of the landscape opening up in front of you will delight you and magic up an unforgettable day.

The entry and exit points have been separated. It is not possible to return through the gorge. This prevents close encounters at the narrow sections of the route. The entrance is at the log cabin in the village Podhom, and the exit at the Šum waterfall in Blejska Dobrava.  Visitors are able to choose between different circular routes to return to the entry point. All routes are clearly marked on the information boards and signposts along the route.

Route scheme

Circular Route Vintgar – Saint Catherine

Circular path Šum – Blejska Dobrava – ‘Strma stran’


Please note that the round trip will take you from 2 to 3 hours in total. We recommend that you wear hiking clothes and boots. Hiking poles may also come in handy. In case of rain the path can be slippery, coution is advised.

In accordance with current regulations, wearing a face mask is necessary at all times – also inside the gorge.

Tickets and suvinirs are sold at the entrance. The bar is closed so we recommend you bring your own food and drinks. Please be sure to keep a minimum safety distance of 1.5 m when queuing for tickets. In the gorge, we recommend a safety distance of at least two meters at all times.

We ask all groups of visitors to announce their arrivals at [email protected].
We are available to answer your questions at [email protected] or on the phone number +386 51 621 511.
We will be very happy to advise and help you!

Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to welcoming you!

Tourist Association Gorje

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