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One-way visit to the gorge with return routes

One-way visit to the gorge with return routes

We invite you to experience the Vintgar gorge, which has enchanted you with its image, in a slightly different way.

We have prepared a one-way visit to the gorge to experience the gorge as never before. You will be captivated by the pristine nature, and enchanted by the Alpine Radovna river, carving the depths of the gorge for thousands of years. The stunning views of the landscape opening up in front of you will delight you and magic up an unforgettable day.

By introducing one-way visits to the gorge, we have taken care of the safety of the visitors, as they significantly reduce the encounters in narrow areas and minimize the possibility of potential COVID-19 infection.

Circular path  ‘Strma stran’

Circular Route Saint Catherine

Please note that the round trip will take you from 2 to 3 hours in total. We recommend that you wear hiking clothes and boots. Hiking poles may also come in handy. In case of rain the path can be slippery.

While visiting the gorge, it is forbidden to turn around and return the same way. From the exit point, two return routes are arranged and well marked.

It is extremely important to be aware that the tour, due to the changed visiting regime, is not suitable for people who cannot walk 6km without difficulty and that the route contains quite a few stairs and easier ascents. The route is not demanding, but it is certainly not suitable for everyone.

Tickets and souvenirs can be bought in the log cabin at the entrance. Tickets are also available online. The bar terrace, located just before entering the Vintgar Gorge, is open.

Please be sure to keep a minimum safety distance of 1.5 m when queuing for tickets. In the gorge, we recommend a safety distance of at least two meters at all times and following other instructions of the National Institute of Public Health (NIJZ).

We ask all groups of visitors to announce their arrivals at info@vintgar.si.
We are available to answer your questions at 
info@vintgar.si or on the phone number +386 51 621 511.
We will be very happy to advise and help you!

Thank you for your understanding.

Tourist Association Gorje