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The Frčej-Zupan Bio Tourist Farm

The house offers guestrooms and an apartment with a kitchen for those who wish to prepare their own meals. You can obtain all the vegetables from the vegetable garden in front of the house. In addition, the Zupans will supply you with eggs, milk, and other staples. During winter months when there is less work on the farm, the host offers the guests all kinds of delicacies, including meat and dried-meat products, minced lard, milk and diary items (including fruit-milk drinks as a special treat), as well as a breakfast specialty of fried eggs with home-made cracklings.

Address: Zgornje Gorje 42, 4247 Zgornje Gorje
Web page:  www.frcej.si
Email:  zupan.anton@siol.net
Phone Number: +386 40 200 275