Access to Vintgar gorge

Here are the descriptions the possibilities of access to the Vintgar gorge. Current road works make access not possible. We recommend that you access on foot and by bicycle / e-bike. You can read more about road work and possible closures at Municipality of Gorje website.
Access to the entrance to the gorge is currently only possible from the Jesenice side due to the road closure in Spodnje Gorje we recommend using P4 Blejska Dobrava. P3, P5, P6, and P7 are accessible from the direction of Bled. Currently, P3 is not operating. Parking outside the marked parking spaces is strictly prohibited!
From Bled via Podhom to the gorge (approx. 30 min). And then take the circular route through the gorge and back along the red path over the Blejska Dobrava to the entrance to the gorge (100min).
From Bled to the Vintgar gorge, and then along the green path across Katarina back to Bled. (10 km, approx. 3 hours)
From the railway station Bled lake to the railway station Podhom (only one stop) and then on foot to the entrance to the gorge (approx. 15 min). Followed by a walk through the gorge and the green path across Katarina back to the train station Podhom (approx. 40-50min).
You can also choose to walk to the Vintgar railway station (20-25 minutes) on Blejska Dobrava from the end of the gorge and return from there to Bled.
From bus stop Bled to bus stop Podhom and then on foot to the entrance to the gorge (approx. 25min). You return along the green path to bus stop in Zasip.
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