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  • How long and demanding is the route?The difficulty level of the route is medium. It includes several stairs, as well as points of ascent and descent. The path through the gorge itself takes about half an hour. In addition, it will take about an hour or an hour and a half to return, depending on your choice of the return route.
  • How long will it take me to visit the gorge?
    It depends on how crowded it is and on your physical condition. We recommend that you plan two to three hours for the round trip. It can take less time outside the main tourist season, and more in July and August. We recommend that you visit the gorge as soon as it opens, first thing in the morning. At that time you will encounter the smallest number of other visitors and will be able to save time.
  • Who is the path suitable for (young children, the elderly, the disabled)?
    The visit is suitable for those capable of intense walk for more than two hours. It is not possible to pass through the gorge with a stroller or a wheelchair.
  • What is the temperature of the water?
    The water temperature is constant throughout the year, around 5 ° C.
  • Can I swim in the gorge and if so, where?
    Swimming in the Vintgar Gorge is not allowed due to extremely dangerous rapids, waterfalls, and sensitive biodiversity. The Vintgar Gorge is located in the Triglav National Park protected area, and swimmers can cause damage to the nature. For swimming we recommend dedicated swimming areas at Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj.
  • What is the appropriate footwear for visiting the gorge?
    Hiking boots or at the very least sports shoes covering both toes and heels are the most appropriate. The trail is slippery when wet, so use shoes with a non-slip sole (hiking or trekking shoes).
  • What are the appropriate clothes for visiting the gorge?
    For a visit to the gorge dress in sports clothes and bring extra layers for the temperature cooler than the surroundings. It is always colder in the gorge than outside. You will walk along the Radovna River, the constant temperature of which is 5 degrees Celsius. It is recommended that you wear a raincoat. The weather in the Alps can be very unpredictable, there is always a chance of rain. The Vintgar Gorge remains open when it rains.
  • Can I do drone shots?
    No. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) in the area of the national park is restricted by the protection regime established by the Triglav National Park Act, which forbids aircraft flying.

    The use of drones for film and video recording is permitted only in the areas with infrastructure and the residential areas. In the natural environment of the national park, the use of drones is only allowed for the production of documentaries and films intended for the promotion of the park and local communities, taking into account the noise limits of such devices and the flight altitude above certain areas. To shoot in the TNP area you are required to obtain a permission.

    When using drones, one is also required to comply with the regional legislation applicable to the entire territory of Slovenia (Regulation on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

    Source: TNP.si

  • What fish swim in the Radovna River?
    The most common fish in the river are brown trout (Salmo trutta m. Fario), brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis ) and rainbow trout ( Oncorhynchus mykiss ). Fishing in the gorge is forbidden. More information about fishing in the Radovna River can be found at: https://www.ribiskekarte.si/zavod-za-ribistvo-slovenije/radovna-2
  • How do I lodge a complaint?
    Complaints can be sent to the e-mail address info@vintgar.si. We will reply as soon as possible.
  • Which river flows through the gorge and where does it flow?
    The river running through the gorge is Radovna. It originates from the Radovna valley. It flows into the Sava Dolinka near Moste in Žirovnica.
  • Where can I go for lunch / snack / dinner in the surrounding area?
    In Gorje and when entering the Vintgar Gorge, we recommend:
    Restaurant Fortuna
    Vintgar Inn
    Pizzeria Betlehem

    At the exit (Šum Waterfall) we recommend:
    Jurček Inn (at the church of St. Catherine)
    Pri Jurču Inn (Blejska Dobrava)

  • When is the least crowded time to visit the gorge?
    The least crowded months are April and May in the spring, and late September, October and November in the autumn. The best time to visit the gorge in the summer months is first thing in the morning, as soon as the gorge opens, and again in the late afternoon. The gorge gets most crowded between 9am and 2pm. During the winter months, the gorge is closed to visitors for safety reasons.
  • How can I get to the Vintgar Gorge by public transport?
    You can arrive by local bus – exit at Podhom or Spodnje Gorje bus station.
    By train, you arrive at the Podhom railway station to enter the gorge, you can return back to Bled by train from the Vintgar railway station in Blejska Dobrava (one-way visit).
  • Is the Vintgar Gorge open when it rains?
    Yes. The Vintgar Gorge remains open when it rains. It only closes in case of emergency. The recommended clothing for rain are a raincoat and and non-slippery waterproof shoes. Umbrellas are not recommended as they can get in the way and disturb other visitors at the narrow points of the route.
  • Is the gorge open on Sundays and public holidays?
    Yes. From April to November the gorge is open daily during our regular opening hours. These are posted on our website. The gorge closes only in case of extreme weather conditions.
  • Are dogs allowed?
    Yes. Dogs are allowed, but they need to have an independent ticket. All dogs must be on a leash at all times. The owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets. The best time to visit with a dog is outside the most crowded time in the gorge, either first thing in the morning or after 3pm in the afternoon.
  • Can I get in with a stroller?
    No. Regrettably it is not possible to enter with a stroller as the narrow nature of the path does not allow for a stroller passage in certain parts.
  • Can I get in with a wheelchair?
    No. Regrettably, for technical reasons it is not possible to enter with a wheelchair. The narrow nature of the path does not allow for a wheelchair passage in certain parts.
  • Can I get in with a mountain bike?
    No. The route is intended for walkers only, so bikes are forbidden.
  • Is kayaking through the gorge allowed?
    No. The gorge is located in the area of the Triglav National Park (TNP) where movement is restricted. In addition, the gorge is very unpredictable and dangerous. More information about where to kayak in the TNP can be found at: https://www.tnp.si/sl/obiscite/nepozabna-dozivetja/vodni-sporti/
  • What types of tickets can you buy?
    Currently the only type of ticket available is a one-way ticket. This ticket gives you two different options for the return route.

    We offer differently-priced tickets for adults, students, seniors, children under 6, children ages 6 to 15, and pets.

  • How long is the ticket valid?
    The ticket is valid for a one-time entry into the gorge on the same day. Tickets cannot be purchased in advance unless you purchase your ticket online.
  • Can I return with the same ticket later in the day?
    No. The ticket is valid for a one-time entry into the gorge on the same day.
  • What do I get with my ticket?
    You get a one-off visit to the Vintgar Gorge.
  • Do journalists have free entry?
    Free entry to journalists can be granted at discretion and through prior arrangement. Requests are reviewed on a per-case basis and can be submitted at info@vintgar.si. Please attach a proof of your credentials and state your requested date of the visit.
  • Do you accept foreign currencies?
    No. We accept Euros. Payment is also possible by a payment card.
  • Which cards do you accept?
    We accept Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, and Caranta payment cards.
  • Can I return my ticket in case of bad weather?
    No. The gorge is open when it rains. We suggest that you check the weather before visiting the Vintgar Gorge. It is always advisable to have a raincoat as the weather in the Alps can be very unpredictable.
  • Where can I park my car or my camper van?
    There are appropriately marked parking areas for visitors near the entrance to the Gorge. Fro camper vans we recommend P4.
  • Can I spend the night with a camper van/vehicle in the TD Gorje (Association for Tourism Gorje) parking lot?
    No. With a camper van or other vehicles you can only spend the night at resting areas for camper vans (camper stops) or at campsites. Campsites nearby are: Camping Perun (Blejska Dobrava), Camping Bled, and Camping Šobec.
  • What months of the year are you open?
    The Vintgar Gorge is open from April to November. The exact dates of opening and closure are dictated by the weather and the situation in the gorge.