Timetables and routes
From 1st July 2022 till 31st August 2022 two free modes of transport will be organised in Bled, intended for locals and visitors. The service is not intended for organised groups of passengers:

The Pokljuka bus starts from Infocenter Triglavska roža Bled, past the main bus station, Rečica, Gorje to Pokljuka plateu (Rudno polje). (30-seater bus)
The Bled bus connects the Bled countryside (Zasip, Ribno and Bohinjska Bela) with Bled. (30-seater bus)
If you want to visit the Vintgar gorge hassle-free, the easiest way to do it is by taking a free shuttle from Bled. The nearest station to the gorge is  Sebenje / Podhom, on the light green line. From there, there is only a short stroll to the entry point at Podhom 80 address. To return you follow the green route over st. Catherine’s church, from where you have the most magnificent view of the whole Bled area, including the Karavanke mountain range and the Julian Alps.  The Bus station Zasip is located in the village just below the church.

In this case, you will walk just under 5 kilometres, and you will avoid parking problems and various road closures.





You can download the timetable by clicking on the button below:

Transport of dogs

Public transport providers have their own rules and most do not accept dogs on their buses. However, certain exceptions apply to guide dogs, police dogs, military dogs, rescue dog units and mountain rescue service dogs accompanied by a guide and guide dogs with a guided person. The provider of organized transport in Bled and Pokljuka also accept dogs on their buses under certain conditions:

Transport of bicycles

The Pokljuka bus also allows transport of up to 5 bikes, on the hook of the bus.

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