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Circular Route Šum – Blejska Dobrava

4,3 km – 75 min
Trail path:

The starting point is at the main entrance to the Vintgar gorge in Podhom. At the end of the gorge you reach the Šum waterfall. From the scenic viewpoint underneath the waterfall continue straight to the lightly-ascending macadam road through the forest. After a good 20-minute walk, you will arrive at the parking lot under the cemetery in Blejska Dobrava. Here, you can refresh yourself at a bar or at a nearby restaurant. Follow the paved road towards the village centre. At the church of St Stefan you can admire the beautifully restored village core with a bee monument. From there, follow the road up to the left. At the top of the hill, at the well, turn left again. The road will lead you past the last few houses to the end of the village, and to the forest path which will take you back to the log cabin at the entrance to the Vintgar Gorge. Part of the path at the top of the cliffs, curves just above the gorge.  Take care not to step too close to the edge and please be mindful of not triggering any stones and rocks on your path, as this poses a danger to the visitors in the gorge below.

The trail is clearly marked with information boards and signposts along the route.

Directions for travel agencies and bus drivers:

Drop off/Pick up point
Bus parking is at the Vintgar Gorge main entrance parking lot at Podhom. For a drop off there is no fee (maximum 10-minute stay).

Waiting point/Alternative pick up point
The waiting point for buses or an alternative pick up for the passengers is at the parking lot below the cemetery in Blejska Dobrava. The bus driver should drive from Podhom to Blejska Dobrava in the direction of Jesenice (the shortest way is via Kočna). Please make sure to use the PC Črna vas bypass. Parking coordinates: 46°24’25.4″N 14°06’29.1″E. The parking lot is owned and maintained by the Municipality of Jesenice.

Just in front of the lot, there is also an excellent restaurant, Pri Jurču (toilets, large terrace).

This one-way gorge-visit regime will significantly enhance the safety and quality of the visit for all our guests.

From the Šum Waterfall at the end of the Vintgar Gorge to the parking lot at Blejska Dobrava, there is a direct, slightly-ascending 1.3-km long macadam road. Driving on the road is prohibited for all traffic (except emergency vehicles), so the route is safe.