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Three low-rope ski lifts Medo, Bambi and Zajček operate on a wide, grassy and child-friendly slope with a pronounced sunny position at an altitude of between 910 and 980 m. The length of the ski slopes belonging to these lifts is 170m, 130m and 70m.

The shortest ski lift is located on the flattest part of the ski slope and is suitable for the first ski turns of the youngest children. The other two ski lifts enable skiing on the corresponding ski slopes of the existing Plana 2 ski lift (children’s ski lift).

Useful information: https://www.zatrnik.com/ , +386 (0) 41 672 982


The Pokljuka ski slopes are suitable for less demanding skiers, beginners, and families with children. The runs are gradual, the ski-lift types are hooks and rings, and there is also a baby lift.

Ski lifts on Pokljuka:

  • lift ŠPORT HOTEL
  • lift JELKA
  • lift VIŠEVNIK


While Bled is not a classic Alpine skiing sports centre, it caters both to sworn Alpine skiers and snow boarders. The ski slope at Straža is almost ideal. Only a short walk from the centre of Bled, it is equipped with a double chair-lift and a rope tow, artificial snow-making cannons, as well as spotlights for night skiing.

The bottom post of the chair-lift is at an altitude of 503 m and the top post at 634 m. The skiing surface is 6 hectares.

There is an organized ski school, ski rentals are available on site or from rental shops in town.

More information and contact: www.straza-bled.si, tel. +386 (4) 578 05 34, +386 (4) 578 05 30


More demanding Alpine skiers can try different ski slopes in the vicinity of Bled. VogelKrvavec, and Kranjska Gora are all featured on the combined Slovenian Alps Ski pass which grants the holders free ski bus transport from Bled to Vogel and Krvavec.

Organised ski slopes are also on Viševnik and Soriška planina.

More information: www.vogel.si