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Municipality of Gorje offers countless possibilities for hiking tours of every difficulty. Gorje with the Radovna and the Krma valleys serves as the starting point for ascents up to the Julian Alps and Mt. Triglav.

Pokljuka is attractive and interesting in every season of the year. From there you can hike along the mountain pastures (Uskovnica, Konjščica, Zajamniki, etc.) or ascend the highest peaks of the Julian Alps.

Another well-visited location is the “Blejska koča na Lipanci” mountain hut. If you are avid hiker, you can continue all the way up to Debela peč, Lipanski vrh, Mrežice, and other peaks.

Debela peč is a 2014 m-high mountain, which rises steeply above the Krma valley on one side, and gradually descends towards the extensive Pokljuka forests on the other. From the top, where there is a stamp and a logbook, you can enjoy a glorious view of the highest peaks of the Julian Alps, the Karawanks, and, if the weather is nice, the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.

The Blejska koča Mountain Hut is located on the viewing pasture of Lipanca. From the hut, which is open all year round, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Pokljuka forests and the summits that surround the pasture (Mrežce and Lipanski vrh).


The Vodnikov Dom mountain hut is located on a small terrace at the foot of the west slope of the Tosc Close above Velo polje. From the hut there is a beautiful view of Triglav and the surrounding peaks.

Velo Polje is one of the biggest and highest (1675 m) mountain pastures in the Julian Alps. Due to its unique position in the heart of the Triglav mountain complex it is truly one of the most beautiful high mountain pastures.


The Blejska Koča mountain hut is located at the edge of the Lipanca mountain pasture. It is open all year round and you can enjoy the views over Pokljuka forests and all the nearby summits such as Mrežce or Lipanski vrh.

More information: www.hribi.net


Debela peč is a 2014 m-high mountain, easily accessible from the vast Pokljuka forests and stretching high above the Valley of Krma. At the top you can find a visitors book and a stamp and enjoy the beautiful view of the highest mountains in the Julian Alps as well as the Kamnik-Savinja Alps.


The Planika mountain hut is located on the south side below Triglav. The hut is open in the summer season. You can enjoy beautiful views of Triglav and the mountains above the valleys of Krma and Bohinj.