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Across the Mežakla plateau by bike

A demanding circular path along a high plateau in the Julian Alps, between the Radovna river in the south and the Sava Dolinka river in the north. On the way you are invited to get off your bike and see the sights just a stone’s throw away.
The Mežakla plateau is part of the Triglav National Park, intact and underdeveloped in tourism. It is interspersed with cattle grazing pastures as well as many clean springs and torrential streams.
The natural bridge on Mežakla is an interesting phenomenon caused by water erosion and uneven weathering of rocks. It is easily accessible from the marked mountain trail along the Mežakla ridge.
The Partisan hospital Mežakla is a modest wooden building near Zakopi, which was built in 1942 as a refuge for the wounded. Opponents did not discover it during the war.
There is a Monument to the Fighters Fallen in the People’s Liberation Struggle on the Obranca mountain pasture.